I have had the privilege to present my views on the retail industry, technology innovation and consumer trends in renowned conferences across APJ.

New Retail Forum, SingaporE
May 2019

Rethinking The Physical Retail Environment With Intelligent IOT In-store

In the world of “New Retail”, products and delivery are inspired by consumer data and they’re highly personalized. Shared ideas and the best practices about how companies and brands can seamlessly meld the online and offline channels, providing a better customer experience and making their own operations more efficient in the “New Retail” Era.

eTail Asia
March 2019


How to unleash the new era of simple shopping, using voice activated technology to charm your customers, encourage more engagement and build brand loyalty across channels. Spoke about how bots can be used to enable transactions, handle payments, ensure delivery and provide a superior customer service.

Augmented & Virtual Reality for Enterprise, Singapore
November 2018

Harnessing Immersive Augmented & Virtual Technologies For Business Applications

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are not new but applications have so far been predominantly focused around consumer adoption in the gaming and entertainment industry. AR and VR technologies have the potential to radically transform businesses through applications ranging from customer interactions, trainings and simulations, product design and development, process redesign, operations excellence and more!

Content Marketing Summit Asia, Singapore
August 2018

Role Of Content In Building And Driving Impactful Retail Engagements

Content plays a paramount role in building and driving impactful retail engagements. While the discipline itself isn’t anything new, the rapid expansion of digital media and the growing clout of social media have altered Content Marketing in unexpected ways. This metamorphosis presents exciting new opportunities for brands, publishers, agency partners and independent creators alike.

Skills@Work Forum, Singapore Polytechnic
May 2018

Training for the Future with Immersive Tech

A great platform and opportunity to discuss how immersive tech like AR & VR is helping reimagine training practices for education, industry and government, all of which are increasingly demanding newer ways of thinking, learning and doing.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Product Development, Marketing and Customer Experience Conference, Singapore
January 2018


Customers today are seeking multi-dimensional value, not just in the form of products and services, but as complete experiences. Immersive technologies like AR, VR, and MR offer the potential to deliver just that, enabling newer and more meaningful conversations between businesses and customers, all across the customer journey.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Product Development, Marketing and Customer Experience Conference, Singapore January 2018

[Keynote] The Immersive Movement: How AR, VR & MR Enable New Experiences, Possibilities and Realities

It was great experience presenting opening keynote of AR VR conference at Singapore. It's great gathering of professionals across industries. Great learning platform on new emerging immersive technologies .

Spikes Asia
September 2017

Co:Digital - Chatbots & Smart Assistants

Some fear that the proliferation of digital technology is causing us to lose the art of conversation. Well, what if I told you that the newest wave of technology is helping us reclaim conversations and personalized interactions in newer, unimagined ways? This is what I call Co:Digital – conversations powered by digital - helping businesses connect with customers in today’s on-demand world.

Intel & Google Partnership Day, Singapore
August 2017

Retail in

Talking about Retail in Transformation and the technologies which are helping define the next level of customer experience.

Asia Retail Congress, MumbaI
February 2017

Transformation Of Retail And The Impact Of Omni - Channel On Customer Experience

Aimed at company chairs, presidents and CEOs from leading international and national retailers, directors of international and national retailers, directors of international brands who believe in making change happen.